Super Mario 35–35 Tips to Win!

Because 36 is far too many.
  1. Don’t be afraid to use some coins to power up at the start of the match! That fire power at the beginning will help you start racking up time.
  2. Speaking of time, get as much time racked up as possible. Don’t skip the Goombas!
  3. 1–1 is your friend! If the game is giving you that stage, you should take it every time.
  4. The shortcut in 1–1 is not worth it. Grab the secret 1-up after the shortcut and keep stomping goombas. The time saved and coins collected are more worth it.

5. On that note, know the levels! You’re going to play 1–1 and 1–2 a ton, so get to know where the 1-ups and stars are.

6. Always have fire power, always. You can knock almost every enemy with fire, including Bowser!

7. Bowsers can really disrupt other players. If you’re in a castle or you find a random Bower, blast it with fire or hit the axe (if you’re in the castle) and send him to an opponent.

8. Avoid 1–3 at all costs! The level takes a ton of time to run through, opponents sending you make it much more difficult, and there’s no star to grab to make the level easier. Seriously, avoid 1–3.

9. 1-ups turn into 20 coins. Grab 1-ups!

10. If this hasn’t occured to you yet, STOMP EVERYTHING! Every enemy defeated is more time for you, and if you can stomp a few without touching the ground, the reward is increased on each jump. Take them all out!

11. Use the stars wisely. They are scattered about levels, or a random upgrade on the roulette. Grab them and run through as many enemies as possible.

12. You can use star power and jump through a fireball on castle levels to send fireballs to opponents.

13. Apparently, these fireballs are called podoboos. That’s cool.

14. Stock up your coins from the get-go. More coins means more spins on the roulette, which will be crucial if you make a mistake in the top 5.

15. Don’t be afraid to spin the roulette early. Bowsers can pop up anytime, anywhere. If you can’t jump over him or fireball him, spin the wheel and pray for a POW.

16. 2–2 is a great level for sending enemies. The bloopers can really mess with your opponents. Make sure to have fire power and blast away!

17. You can always see what is coming for you next on the bottom of the screen. Keep an eye on what’s coming so you don’t barrel into a Bowser.

Goombas, Koopas, and a Pirannah Plant coming up!

18. It’s not ideal, but you can see your opponents screens as they progress. When you get to the top 5 take a peek every once in a while. Be strategic on when you send enemies to your opponents. If they have a star or are near the end of the level, take a moment and collect some coins.

19. Hammer Bros. are easy to pass on 3–1, but take the time to knock them out. Sending these bad boys to opponents can really mess with their runs.

20. This is more opinion so I may be way off on this one, but I always set to Attackers. Some games I can rack up a few KOs, others I don’t get any. Though if I’m honest, I’m not relying on those KO bonuses, just racking up kills to disrupt while you gain more time.

21. You can only throw two fireballs at a time. Spam when the path is infested with enemies, but save your shots for those more difficult spots.

22. Lakitus are deadly! Knock them out quickly before they invade your screen with Spinies.

23. Don’t skip the fire flowers if you already have fire power. That’s a free 15 seconds. When the clock starts to run quick you’re going to need every second!

24. 1–1 you shouldn’t take the shortcut, but 1–2 you most definitely should. Plenty of coins to pick up, and it’s a quick! You can get in and out without using too much time and have enough coins for another roulette spin. Don’t forget the coin block at the end.

25. Don’t take the top route on 1–2 until the end of the level. You’ll blast through the level, but you won’t be able gain more time by knocking enemies up there.

26. Do take the secret exit for 1–2! Pick the level that’s best for you. If nothing else, it gives you a quick look at what levels are coming up next so you can be mentally prepared.

27. You will make mistakes if you rush! Build up time, take your time, don’t go sprinting through levels unless you have a star to protect you.

28. When the timer turns red, then it’s time to start running. Use the roulette to get stars or POWs and run as fast as you can for the flagpole.

29. Just like the main game, you want to jump as high as you can on the flagpole to get the most time bonus going into the next level.

30. A small Mario is a dead Mario. Grab a power-up ASAP, or spin the roulette.

31. 2–3 has flying Cheep-Cheeps. Stars are your friend. Knock those flying fish and send them to opponents. This is also a good time to save your fireball shots and shoot them when the Cheep-Cheep is flying down.

32. Castles don’t typically have a bunch of enemies. Unless you know you are being targeted and can squash some baddies on the way to Bowser, it’s probably best to avoid the castles. Without enemies to defeat, you can lose too much time.

33. The coin block on 1–1 is a great place to stop and collect coins. Since there’s a star just a few blocks away, you can easily make up time. Collect those coins before advancing.

34. The back half of levels (5–1 to 8–4) are going to be difficult to run if you don’t have the experience. If you get to a shortcut and can choose your level, go with what you know!

35. HAVE FUN! This game goes away in March (WHY NINTENDO WHYYY) so enjoy it!

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