May 7th: Top 5 Pokemon!

Ryan Wright
4 min readMay 8, 2020


Gotta catch ’em all!

I don’t think I’ve ever bothered making a list of my favorite Pokemon, and to be honest, I don’t even know who my favorite Pokemon is. My first time playing Pokemon was Generation 3 in Hoenn, then the remake of Red/Blue with FireRed. Had a ton of fun, really enjoyed playing the games, but then I dropped the series hard. No particular reason really. I’m not one of those people that think there are too many Pokemon now (though I do think there are some ridiculous Pokemon designs out there), but I never jumped into the DS and 3DS consoles, so I did not keep up with the series. Like many people, I jumped back into the series with Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee on the Nintendo Switch, and then Sword/Shield near the end of 2019. It’s been a blast to be back in the world of Pokemon. If you haven’t played in a while and have a Nintendo Switch, I highly recommend jumping back in and playing! Sword/Shield is such an enjoyable experience for more casual players, but still offers plenty of depth for those who want to battle their friends and be the very best, like no one ever was.

So, as of May 7th, 2020, here’s my Top 5 favorite Pokemon right now!

(Also, it’s in no particular order)


I didn’t play a Kanto game until I finished playing through Pokemon Emerald, but when I did get the chance I chose Charmander knowing that he’ll evolve into the super popular and super awesome Charizard! The dude is a beast, looks rad, and has a great moveset to cover it’s weaknesses. Lots of people have Charizard as their favorite too, and for good reason. No hate on the other Gen 1 starters, but Charizard’s reputation is hard to pass up. The dude is cool, plain and simple.


The pseudo-legendary Pokemon from Sword/Shield, Dragapult starts off as the derpy looking Dreepy but evolves into this very snazzy Dragon Ghost type. He’s wicked quick, packs a hard punch, and also has a wide moveset giving it utility to be a supporter or an attacker. The red on his head makes him look like a jet, which makes sense because this is easily one of the fastest Pokemon you can have. Plus, he likes flashing those colorful nails. Flashy and sassy!


My first starter ever! Treecko joined me on my journey through the Hoenn region and was such a worthy teammate. When he fully evolves to Sceptile, he’s a quick-attacker that’ll make water types think twice about combating him. I always liked Treecko though, just because he’s an awesome little dude. I imagine him jumping through trees and bopping on foes with ease.


Some people are Arcanine fans, some people are Ninetails fans. I think they are both very great looking, but Ninetails just barely wins the toss up in my mind. Not an Arcanine hater by any means, but Ninetails is just a pretty looking fox. Style, elegance, grace, and power, Ninetails will can handle most situations in battle and can be used as a supporter or an attacker. Got to love all the doggo Pokemon! Ninetails is more of a fox than a dog, but there’s no denying the beauty of this Pokemon.


Another Hoenn native, Flygon is another one of those Pokemon that may not be the most viable in battle, but still makes it on my team because of the sheer magnificence when it pops out of the Pokeball. Being a Dragon Ground type, it still filled a valuable spot on my team in Hoenn. Flygon also made the cut into Galar with Sword/Shield, so he definitely had a slot on my team for my first playthrough. Flygon’s glowup from Trapinch and Vibrava is totally worth the training.

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