So, there I was…

On the phone with Eddie, my best man. We’re going over plans for my bachelor party and I couldn’t be more excited for a few reasons. I was excited to be able to see all my friends and enjoy a weekend away in Big Bear, but we also planned the trip so that I could travel home and see my brother graduate high school!

Some good looking people!

Dane has been a rockstar during high school, balancing his studies with sports for the 4 years. He ran cross country and track, and most of his times were faster than mine when I was running. The kid is quick! But with the speed also came the brains, and he’s no slouch there either. Taking multiple AP classes, honors, and busting his butt to get the grades.

I’m proud of my little brother for finishing high school because, like many seniors this year, were not able to finish the semester the way they hoped. Instead of seeing their friends and enjoy the final days of high school, the pandemic forced everyone to study from home. Such a bumpy transition, and one that while many of us had to deal with in all our different walks of life. My school was a decent transition, with online classes. Dane’s school did not take that route, opting for assignment completion and reading without an online class meeting with his teachers. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, he still finished strong and is now a high school graduate!

Dane, the road in front of you is filled with unknowns. The virus does not make anything easier, but I know that your future will be paved with success. You’re a smart young man with plenty of potential, plenty to learn, and lots of room to grow with strength, confidence, and achievements. I am excited to see where the road takes you, and know you’ll always have your big brother’s support every step of the way.

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