May 20th: Weddings during a Pandemic

Two lovely people, days away from tying the knot in front of family and friends, were forced to changed their plans. Months of hard work, planning, decorating, creating, gone…

But…I’ll get to that in a minute.

Unfortunately, this story is a common one. As the summer months start to roll in, many couples with dates booked to celebrate their union of love are being forced to play a game of chicken. This is something that happened to us. We kept thinking, hoping, that by June, this public health crisis would be behind us and we would be back to some semblance of normalcy. As time marched on, so did the virus, and we were troubled trying to decide whether it is worth it to hold out and hope that things will improve, or change our date and push everything back for safety’s sake. After a long weekend of reflection (and a bit of booze) we decided on the latter, thinking that more time means more of a chance that we will be able to have our celebration.

Some couples don’t even get the choice and are forced to change their plans. I have heard from a few friends that they have been forced to postpone their ceremony by their venue, throwing a major curveball into the planning process. This is what happened to Andrew and Erin, two amazing people and good friends who were forced to deal with this very scenario. You see, having a wedding in the summer, Katy and I at least had time to make our decision. It did not make it any easier, but at least we had time to consider the options, think about how to manage finding new vendors, or even a new venue, if it came to that. Andrew and Erin, however, had a March wedding scheduled, right on the cusp of the world going into a lockdown. This is especially eerie when you think that not a few weekends prior, many friends came together to celebrate Andrew at his bachelor party, and the same for Erin and her friends. Everything was set, ready to go…but the lockdown came and washed everything away. Lockdown forced a postponement on their celebration. All that time planning, collaborating, creating, gone…

I remember facetiming with Andrew when we made our decision to postpone, and that quickly turned into all four of us coming together and chatting about the state of affairs. It was a solemn discussion, but just talking about the issues and how each of us were overcoming them brought some of the light back. A&E gave us some advice from their experience, and we voiced some of our concerns as well. It was therapeutic to just chat about these issues we’ve been facing. On top of working from home, virtual classrooms, and the world outside trying to handle the virus, the extra challenge of how to manage a giant party with a hundred people is not something you can read about in a self-help book.

Weddings are cancelled, and so are the giant celebrations that come with it. At least until our country and the world can heal from the virus, it’s going to be a while until we get to see people dancing together, laughing together, being with one another. Large group gatherings are cancelled.

But that did not stop A&E from celebrating…

Love is not cancelled.

While the weddings we planned may not see the light of day, the joy of the moment and the love between the two will not be lost in the pandemic. The virus may have taken away gatherings with friends, date nights, the lives of many worldwide, but we won’t let it take away love. That time is ours, that moment is ours, and the virus will never take that away.

Andrew and Erin, I couldn’t be more happy for the two of you. This virus is taking it toll on all of us in many ways, but I am glad that you two were able to have your celebration regardless of the circumstances. The wedding may have been postponed, but love is not cancelled.

Katy, we’ve got one more month until our day comes. Just like Andrew and Erin, and many others, we have had extra hurdles to jump as we race towards our big day. However, I am glad that we are facing those challenges together. Our wedding day will be one to remember.

One month to I do!

Thanks for reading!

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