One month down!

This year, my goal was to write down all the media I’ve consumed, be it video games, books, comics, TV, or film. I wanted to make a media journal of all the things I have watched or played, and then write my thoughts about them, good and bad. That said, here’s my January Journal!

Final Fantasy VII — Remake

Midgar has never looked better.

The highly awaited remake from the 1997 game, FF7R did a masterful job transforming the Midgar section of the original into its own adventure. While it was disappointing that I would not be playing the original story start…

Because 36 is far too many.
  1. Don’t be afraid to use some coins to power up at the start of the match! That fire power at the beginning will help you start racking up time.
  2. Speaking of time, get as much time racked up as possible. Don’t skip the Goombas!
  3. 1–1 is your friend! If the game is giving you that stage, you should take it every time.
  4. The shortcut in 1–1 is not worth it. Grab the secret 1-up after the shortcut and keep stomping goombas. The time saved and coins collected are more worth it.

First and foremost, we need to work together. All of us. Plain and simple, easy to say, but so very imperative in light of recent events.

Smash is a wild community. It’s one that I have observed from the outside, not because I did not want to be involved, but because I am involved in a multitude of other things in my life, from finishing school, focusing on my career, planning a wedding during a pandemic, etc. That said, I have always been a smasher, from the N64 days to Smash Ultimate. I’ve followed the trends, watched high-level gameplay, read…

So, there I was…

On the phone with Eddie, my best man. We’re going over plans for my bachelor party and I couldn’t be more excited for a few reasons. I was excited to be able to see all my friends and enjoy a weekend away in Big Bear, but we also planned the trip so that I could travel home and see my brother graduate high school!

Some good looking people!

Dane has been a rockstar during high school, balancing his studies with sports for the 4 years. He ran cross country and track, and most of his times were faster than mine…

Two lovely people, days away from tying the knot in front of family and friends, were forced to changed their plans. Months of hard work, planning, decorating, creating, gone…

But…I’ll get to that in a minute.

Unfortunately, this story is a common one. As the summer months start to roll in, many couples with dates booked to celebrate their union of love are being forced to play a game of chicken. This is something that happened to us. We kept thinking, hoping, that by June, this public health crisis would be behind us and we would be back to some…

So, there I was…

Just like many of you, scrolling through the various feeds on your phone when BOOM! I see a post from Zachary Levi about a reunion of the cast of Chuck, as well as a table read of the fans choice! They also plugged Feeding America, the charity sponsoring the event. The cast, show creators, and a lucky fan all came together virtually and read a script from Season 3 of Chuck, Chuck Vs. The Beard.


(For those that do not know, a table read is where the cast comes together to read the script for an…

A yeehaw and a howdy to you.

One of the TV shows that I failed to mention on my last post was Westworld, a fantastic show that just wrapped up Season 3. Katy and I went back and have watched the first two season during our quarantine weekends, so here are some of my (and her) thoughts!

Minor Spoilers for Seasons 1–2*

It’s no surprise (to me at least) that the guy who wrote Jurassic Park is also responsible for another piece of media that has chaos unravel in a theme park. Instead of dinosaurs, Westworld is a park created for humans to explore. The park is…


Binge, no binge, the choice is yours. This intro is short. Here’s some TV I’ve been watching lately!


Great show, lots of laughs, solid gags all around. One of the best ensemble of casts come together for a truly hilarious time. Check it out on Netflix!

“You’ll find that I have many qualities for you to dislike.”

Star Wars: The Clone Wars gave us some amazing Star Wars stories for years, something that I have only recently been acquainted with. I watched a good deal of episodes to prepare for Season 7, the final season to air. And with it came one of the best episodes The Clone Wars has graced us with: Phantom Apprentice.

We’re going into spoilers ladies and gentlemen, so buckle up!

The second episode of four to conclude The Clone Wars series did more than just bridge the gap between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. The Phantom Apprentice starts…

So, there I was…

Browsing through various articles on my news feed when one caught my eye: LA County’s stay-at-home order will likely remain in place for next three months, officials say.

Listen, I’m not here to talk about the politics of this pandemic. I think it’s ridiculous that politics is entwined with the pandemic, but that itself is a political statement and my head exploded OKAY LET’S MOVE ON.

Soon after, another article came up stating that CSU campuses are going to be held online for fall semester. I assume that the rest of the California college campuses will…

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